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LinksHere are some great, recent, happiness-related links. There are many more at my happy link collection.

London based innovation agency ?What If! talk about the importance of good food at work.

We also believe that good food helps create good ideas – not only is it hard going trying to work without a good breakfast in your tummy, but there’s the fact that new and exciting foods can act as another great piece of stimulus to get your those brain cells pumping!

They believe in it so much that they have a team called Food is Love that provides catering for their customers. You can also get their recipe for cup cakes at the linnk above – I’ve tried them, they’re delicious. And I could not agree more: Food is vital to all human activities and it’s no coincidence that all our major traditions have food at their core.

A Dutch study shows that taking people down a peg impairs their thinking.

Study shows that simply putting someone into a weak social position impairs his cognitive function. Conversely, “empowering” him, in the dread jargon of sociology, sharpens up his mind.

Oldie-but-goodie from Fast Company and Terese Amabile: The 6 myths of creative thinking.

The 6 myths are:
1. Creativity Comes From Creative Types
2. Money Is a Creativity Motivator
3. Time Pressure Fuels Creativity
4. Fear Forces Breakthroughs
5. Competition Beats Collaboration
6. A Streamlined Organization Is a Creative Organization

Way cool: Why Zappos Pays New Employees to Quit

After a week Zappo says to its newest employees: “If you quit today, we will pay you for the amount of time you’ve worked, plus we will offer you a $1,000 bonus.” Zappos actually bribes its new employees to quit!

Why? Because if you’re willing to take the company up on the offer, you obviously don’t have the sense of commitment they are looking for.

Bonus link: I defy you to watch this video of dancing NASA employees without smiling.

You can find many more happy links here.

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