Finding your calling – The Youngest Grocer In America

This inspired the heck out of me:

According to Amy Wrzesniewski, an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Yale School of Management, there are three ways you can approach your work.

  • A job – You do it for the money.
  • A career – You do it to advance and get ahead.
  • A calling – You do it because it gives you a sense of fulfilment.

Want to take a guess how the young man in the video above sees his work?

8 thoughts on “Finding your calling – The Youngest Grocer In America”

  1. That is somthing else! Wow, he is inspire me. It is so fantastic that at young age. He had found his passion, his calling! Good for him. His story will inspire others to follow their heart.

    Thank You for sharing this.

    Giovanna Garcia

  2. That story inspired the heck out of me too. Grocery store owner today, mayor tomorrow?

    One woman in the clip said something that stuck with me: “To succeed, we all have to work together.” Whether you’re in a small town, or big city, I think everyone can resonate with the idea that we’re all in this together.

  3. Just illustrates how true commitment inspires people. The fact that his customers are rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in helping to run the business is proof of the fact that they value his commitment.
    What a fantastically mature young man. Lets hope his business goes from stength to strength!

  4. I seriously doubt his calling is to be a grocer…no, it’s something much richer and deeper than that. I’d say his calling is more profound: to be of service…to be of service for the greater good; to lead, and as part of that leadership, do what it takes to make everyone successful (in the most vibrant definition of that word–including a notable lack of self-interest in his motivation). Indeed, it’s the most inspiring story I’ve heard in a long time.

  5. Certainly inspiring. I was impressed and commend this young soul to continue fullfilling his dream. It looks like he’s found his calling. I am 34 years old, twice as old as this young man and I am still trying to find my calling. I guess is all about being couraged enough to follow your dreams, your vision in life.. once you get over the fear of failure, the rest will follow.

    Great story!


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