Lots and lots (and lots) of links about happiness at work

Today we’re launching yet another resource for happiness at work (in addition to our Facebook app and our Twitter account): The Happy at Work Link Collection.

It’s based on the popular link sharing site reddit (where I waste waaaaaay too much time), and this is where we’ll be posting all the cool, interesting and funny links we find about happiness at work.

You can of course read all those stories, but if you sign up as a user on reddit (which is free) you can also vote stories up or down and even submit links yourself.

Go check out the happy at work link collection on reddit.

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6 thoughts on “Lots and lots (and lots) of links about happiness at work”

  1. Corey: Exactly – I’ve been running Ubuntu for 2 years now. And it IS the happy OS – as opposed to some other OSes (*cough* windows) that seem to make a lot of people miserable :o)

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