Best reader feedback EVER!

How to deal with constant complainers

A while back, I wrote a blog post about dealing with constant complainers. The main point is that offering possible solutions rarely works on inveterate complainers because they’re not really after suggestions – they’re after empathy.

Well, one reader tried it out, and found that… well, read it for yourself:

Holy Crap it works. My wife is a constant complainer and when ever I voice my opinion or offer a suggestion she gets mad. I literally used what was suggested in the article, I said, “You know, that sounds terrible. I donít know how you deal with all of these problems.”

She thought I was being super sweet and understanding… to make a long story short, I got laid. It was worth the effort.

I’m still laughing about that one. And if this whole “happiness at work” gig ever goes sour I’m going into marriage counselling instead :o)

3 thoughts on “Best reader feedback EVER!”

  1. I’m retired so I can’t do it with co-workers. I live along so I can’t do it to my spouse or significant other. I guess I could use it on myself……but, if it leads to a romantic interlude, I may not get done what needs to get done!

    Great post

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