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  1. Ouch, I guess we deserve some of that. It looks like Google is pretty negative or the people searching on Google. We need to turn this around. I’m going to start searching for “Why are Americans so cool?” Maybe this will get Google adding some positive results.

  2. With a twist, but a found one: “why the norwegians”
    Spoiler: don’t play golf… I could find a couple of ice cold reasons for that.. :)

  3. First was happy to find that:
    Why are germans so tall: 321.000

    When removing the “so”, though:
    Why are germans “rude” / “evil” (>5 Million/>42 Million)

    When removing the “s” from germans:
    Why are german words that long (608k)

    The last one I can absolutely confirm, just see this one as an example for creative “adding up” of german words:

  4. The post is from Denmark!! They are dutch!!! Norwegians are from Norway. You have now showed everyone in the world that google is right!! Americans are stupid. I swear you must be the most stupid nation in the world

  5. I know life can be confusing sometimes put don’t try to correct people when you don’t know anything on the subject.

  6. Just tried it with “Canadians”. It’s great that the google seems to know we are different from Americans. Unfortunately, google also seems to think we are weird. Can’t have everything, I guess.

  7. Sorry Jamie, but i’m afraid you slipped up there.

    Norway = Norwegian
    Netherlands/Holland = Dutch
    Denmark = Danish
    Finland = Finnish (no joke lol)
    Sweden = Swedish


    Sorry buddy.

  8. British schools taught me something! And being british, according to google, makes me ugly. sorry ladies lol

  9. so, without being rude… perhaps you could think before you insult someone else’s country? I mean it would have been sooo much smoother if you had your facts right. But still it’s not cool. I mean yes i know, freedom of speech and all that – you’re entitled to think and say what you like…. it’s just you won’t be making many friends acting like that. And probably getting yourself called “stupid” and an “asscrack”.

    Lecture over :P


  10. well put…. being Canadian, I am now going to apologize for calling an unintelligent person stupid and an asscrack. This just proves that google is right by saying Canadians are both rude and polite (what a paradox). Sorry Jamie but I had to make a point. If I was polite I wouldn’t get such a reaction. I apologize again for being so blunt. Asscrack!

  11. Just when I was starting to hate Google’s new search format…you have showed us a way to enjoy it! Gotta be millions of variations on this gag…and that’s just in English! Nice work!

  12. It must be a regional thing. My Google suggestion box says “Why are Americans afraid of dragons” Is anyone else getting this?

  13. Hi Daryl, I got the Dragons thing too… you have to add the word SO after Americans for the other list…

  14. Countries are just lines drawn in sand… We will never unite as a human race as long they exist.

    One world… One love.

  15. Why do American’s matter? Why do people always ask questions about us? Hmmm . . . . . 735,000 vs 15,000,000.

  16. Well, going by Googling I also threw in a few to match me.
    I’m a poor, white, male American.
    What does that make me via Google?
    The most hated person on earth!
    Can’t win for losing.
    The sad thing is, I agree that us Americans are vile, uneducated, oppressive and insane. Unfortunately I can’t get my fellow countrymen to see how much others dislike us without getting a fist in the face. I just wish there was a way for the rest of the world to identify us Americans who hate 95% of the rest of Americans so they can know we aren’t bad guys.
    Well I’ll always know the guy I just voted for President might actually help our image a little. After Bush anything has to be better…. right?

  17. @Sara: it is a regional thing. Google Germany also tells me that Canadians seem to be scared in the dark….and that I am rude, evil and soooooo tall :-(
    Not true!

  18. It looks like the english search results are nicer on the German people than the german search results.

    …anyone checked the Europeans? They are not very popular either.

  19. From my iPhone I get why are Mexicans so damn kind and smart.

    From my iPhone I get why are Argentinians so stuck up their asses.

    From my iPhone I get why are Dutch children so happy.

    From my iPhone I get why are Canadians the world’s energy pigs.

  20. Not that I disagree with you, but if you’re going to allude to the fact most people think that Americans are dumb / ignorant / stupid / lazy, you should probably learn how to take a screen shot instead of literally taking a camera out and taking a picture of your screen.

  21. For the many people who wondered why I didn’t just take a screen dump, the screen capture application on Ubuntu 8.10 (which I’m running on my laptop) removes focus from the active window which means that the drop-down box containing Google’s suggested searches closes *before* the screen is copied.

    Whipping out my camera was just faster than trying to figure out a way around that little software quirk :o)

  22. Scott,

    For more illumination, contrast “why is chritianity so…” with “Why are christians so…”

    That’s a hell of a difference – pun intended!

  23. We are the happiest nation in the world, because we drink the most alcohol compared to anyone else in the world! We invented the mead which is the grandfather of BEER!

  24. there aren’t any dragons around here are there, man am i afraid of dragons
    here in the states, they chase after me, but im too dumb and fat to get away.

  25. to screenprint in ubuntu i just pressed the print screen button just before i wrote the end of the sentence in google. it works

  26. ok, why are redheads….

    if you do why are redheads so… the only thing you get is ugly :(

    great post

  27. Sorry Mikkel,
    Beer goes back thousands of years, way past your Mead and way past any record of your people’s history. But I spent a year in Germany and I absolutely appreciate what you’ve done with the stuff since the days of the meadhall. And maybe Germans are so happy because they know their beer rocks!
    As a Canadian, I always prefer my beer with the lights on.

  28. I did “why are canadians” and the best part was, the last two suggestions that came up were:

    Why are Canadians scared of the dark?
    Why are Canadians afraid of the dark?


  29. To Hated American,
    Yes people hate us so much they can’t wait to get into our country legally or illegaly and become just like us.

    People don’t hate us, they are jealous of us. Grow up and stop playing the victim.

    My son is out there fighting for your right to be an ass.

  30. Don’t act like that stuff about Americans isn’t true. For the majority it is. Our country has been going down the tubes for decades. It’s truly a shame, but too many people have ruined it for the rest of us. Just gotta make do I guess…

  31. Yay, my country rocks.. I guess it’s because we invented lego and stimorol.. but I want to give norway credit for having the nicest and most helpful busdrivers please come and teach ours! ;D

  32. The real sad reality for the danes, and actually all of euorpe is what you hate, you hate about yourself. What do i mean? well, Samoa is a group of islands in the pacific. They have the largest people on EARTH!! 500-700lbs…do they care or even know about that? nope. and, imagine, they only have fish, vegetables and fruit. The real reason they ask this about us, is they are jealous, plain and simple. What you hate in others, you hate in yourself. Freud said that.

  33. man…
    da irish r gettin it bad…
    why are irish drunks…
    why are irish called paddy…
    why are irish so pale…

    we may be pale paddy drunks but every1 loves us…

  34. A Hated American Said– You are an idiot. I am sure you realize it but can’t afford to, but if you traveled which I am sure don’t you would see how Americans like you are the problem. Do you even know a thing about the great country you live in or do you just benefit from being born in it? God blessed America to show the world a better place. Quit ruining it you ignorant ass!

  35. Why are people so:

    Seriously, why are people getting offended that GOOGLE has negative shit about one country and not about another. Yes, as an American, I think our society is RETARDED! We could do so much more as a country but no, we’re fat, lazy and selfish and spend far too much time on our looks, lives of celebrities and other BS things to really give a shit.

    Just because people immigrate here doesnt make us the kick ass country, FYI. and PLEASE drop the BS notion that our troops are protecting our freedoms in the middle east. Its BS. I have several friends who have been there and back and all they talked about was killing men, women, children and getting drunk. Wow, makes me SO proud.

  36. try why are women so, and then do men…comes out the same! and I think thats in every country, lol

  37. When typing in “Why” the only result from NZ google was “Why do men have nipples?” hehe… leaves an interesting question though…

  38. ’tis true everything about Americans…..
    ’tis also true many of them(or their fore bearers) came from somewhere else…
    When America heads for the history exit(an event not long on the horizon),what will the world do?
    Look in the mirror?
    Just a few passing thoughts…

  39. If you remove the “so”, one result is:
    “why are americans afraid of dragons” which has 977,000 results! How about that.

  40. Got as far as typing “Why are the Irish” and this is what came up:
    “Why are the irish impervious to psychoanalysis?”
    Impervious to psychoanalysis and impartial to the odd beer…I can’t deny it!

  41. I’m from the middle east, and thank you very much but we don’t need your son to liberate us from tyranny, we are happy being retarded terrorists half human fanatics.

  42. why does everyone care what people think of America? I say we just rape and pillage the more popular countries.

  43. It does not work with religious institutions such as christianity, islam etc. Maybe it has to do with the fact that you as a religious person should find the answer in a religious book rather than on the internet. Is this a new way of censoring the search result by Google?

  44. :) . I also people in India searching things like this. You will not believe that Google shows different names for every state of India. It good Google says good things for Denmark.

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