Two more reasons why it’s good to be a Dane

Arbejdsglæde Live! 2009As I previously blogged about (and some commenters took waaaay too seriously) it’s good to be a Dane, because Google likes us :o)

Here are two more reasons why Danes are really lucky:
If you’re getting tired of all this talk of recession and crisis, we have a new web site out in Danish called (which translates to “Hooray, there’s a crisis” – trust me, it sounds a lot better in Danish :o).

You can test yourself to see how the crisis affects you, you can test your workplace or you can join our Facebook group. Aaaaaand you can read all about my new book which comes out on May 14. In Danish. Check out

And then there’s our fantastic conference about happiness at work on May 26 in Copenhagen. No less than 14 great speakers will inspire us about how to achieve happiness at work – even in a recession.

Read all about the conference and sign up here.

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