Office envy

As I’ve mentioned before, our HQ here in Copenhagen is in a fantastic place called La Oficina. This is a shared office space for small businesses – but a very different one. The metaphor for the place is not really an office, it’s a café.

La Oficina Copenhagen

When you step inside, the first thing you see is the bar and the grand piano. In fact, there are no desks, office chairs, cubicles or bulletin boards anywhere. You go in, you pick a table like you would at any café and you work, have your meeting, have coffee or whatever.

La Oficina Copenhagen

In short, it’s a beautiful and brilliant place and the café setting makes it really easy to meet and learn from all the other amazingly cool people who come here.

But a place in England has just upped the ante. When I saw this, I became instantly green with envy:


Yes, that is a slide going down three floors. I have not tried it but it looks fast.

It’s in the newly opened Electric Works office complex in Sheffield.

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19 thoughts on “Office envy”

  1. What a lovely office you have! And what a great space to encourage sharing and support between workers.

    About that slide: it’s all fun and games until someone with indigestion tries the slide. Then it’s out of commission for 2 weeks while an unpleasant smell pervades the building. Still, I understand the envy. :)

  2. Very cool! It’s all about the environment. I have been thinking recently how I could change my home office (which is really part of the living room and kitchen) to be more inspiring and productive.

  3. I think they cribbed that idea from Google. The Googleplex in California (and the one in Zurich, I think) has a slide leading from the upper floors straight into the cafeteria.

    Not a bad place to go for ideas on office design, though. K

  4. That is awesome. Not many spots like that….let me re-phrase. NO spots like that out here in NC where we are. However when we expand, that offers some good ideas. Seems very relaxed and focused at the same time. Appreciate you sharing.

  5. Lovely place.Encouraging production and exchanging of ideas.I’d love to try the slide.Thanks for sharing

  6. I would send you a picture of my workplace but it would either make you cry or laugh hysterically. It is a very sterile environment.

  7. Restricted environment leaves very little room for creativity.

    Alex, your office sounds like fantastic place to work in.

    I just wonder if you guys still feel the need to sometimes escape from work and take a break at a nearby coffee shop or maybe coffee shops remind you of work? ;-)

  8. Isobel: That’s a great question, and you know what: Occasionally I still feel the urge to go work some place else.

    Variety is the spice of work, I guess :o)

  9. I am of the opinion that context and environment is everything when it comes to inspiration, creativity and productivity… Working in such an office in lovely Copenhagen can’t get any better!

    I recently wrote a blog post on the subject:

    You should check out the people at Kontra coffee If you don’t know them already, ask for my friend Morten Munchow. In my opinion they have the best coffee in town, would be a great addition to La Oficina…


  10. Awesome office! I’d work just about any place with a slide. Well just about, Chuck E Cheese has slides but I wouldn’t want to work there–I’m scared of large mascot animals.

  11. If only we could get planning permission! And think of the energy costs saved from not having lifts/escalators! I was wondering though how do they get up, indoor rock wall!? ;)

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