VIP Treatment

On Friday afternoon I had two presentations for two different groups of managers about 200 miles apart.

There was only one way I could possibly make both gigs. This is it:

Yep: A friggin’ helicopter.

I finished my presentation at a convention center in Odense at 4:45, took a taxi to a nearby field where the helicopter was waiting. I got on, and an hour later I was in Elsinore – just in time for my second gig.

Here I am on the chopper, just before takeoff:

In case you want to see more, here we are coming in to land in front of LO-Skolen in Elsinore:

I gotta tell ya – being dropped off at the second venue and the walking right in to start my presentation made me feel like a VIP. I could get used to this :o)

5 thoughts on “VIP Treatment”

  1. Helicopter = many greenhouse gas emissions = big carbon footprint for a short trip. Maybe next time you could use something that has less of an impact on the planet. Videoconferencing, perhaps?

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