Much Better Meetings – for Danes

Much Better Meetings

We are extremely proud to be able to announce our newest product, which is called Much Better Meetings.

Basically, meetings often suck and make people unhappy at work.

I talked to a friend today who says he has a doctor’s note to the effect that any meeting longer than 10 minutes gives him a nosebleed.

Much Better Meetings is a complete system, ready to install in any meeting room, which helps you plan and facilitate effective, structured, fun meetings.

However, I’m afraid it’s only available in Danish so far under the name of Meget Bedre Mder. Read all about it at

Depending on the interest we get an English version may be coming soon.

12 thoughts on “Much Better Meetings – for Danes”

  1. Hey I translated the webpages with Google translations, altough not 100% accurate, I got a pretty good idea. You MUST do it ins English too. I downloaded the e-book, let’s see how much I can get out of it. THANKS

  2. I’m waiting for the day they create glasses that will translate the written word to my native language for me. Until that day, I’d love to see the English version!

  3. Hey Alex, sounds intriguing. Please accept this comment as a vote for the product in English :)
    I’m well known to lose concentration in meetings after a while so anything that can make them more engaging and fun sounds good to me!


  4. I would love to see this in English – I teach communication skills in Toronto, Canada and I know that people HATE meetings and don’t know how to run them effectively. Six Sigma is too geeky for some and this might be more user-friendly to the layperson.

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