What’s on your door?

Aude Simon is a manager at a bank here in Copenhagen, and a few months back she promoted herself to Chief Happiness Officer. She came by our office today to tell us how she makes her employees and co-workers happier. Her main instrument is… her office door.

Here she talks to my colleague Jon about it:

That is just awesome and Aude’s co-workers love it. Little things like that take no time but still do make a difference.

Your take

Could you do this where you work? Do you already do something similar? Write a comment, I’d love to know your take.

2 thoughts on “What’s on your door?”

  1. Can Aude be cloned somehow? The impact that a positive person has in an office environment can be huge. Unfortunately, we see more of the negative attitudes and complaining around the coffee machine. I’d be interested to know whether she is a top performer in her role or whether keeping others happy gets in the way of her achieving her objectives.

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