My message for 2010

Someone sent me an email asking what my main message for 2010 would be. So here it is:

2010 is the year for companies, leaders and employees to show whether or not they’re serious about happiness.

Some people only value happiness in good times when jobs are easy to find and there’s a “war for talent”.

Others value happiness at work in and of itself and know, that happy, motivated, productive employees are even more important in tough times.

2010 is the year where we find out who falls into which camp. I’ll be in the “happy camp”. What about you?

What’s your 2010 core message?

4 thoughts on “My message for 2010”

  1. One more in the happy camp. I’m self-employed and I’m absolutely conviced that maximum performance is only possible when being happy at work…having unhappy employees is a huge waste of potential in my opinion, something no company can really afford, especially in times economy is struggling.

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