Getting to action: My latest Reboot talk

Here’s a video of my presentation at last year’s Reboot conference in Copenhagen:

For a long time, I’d been wanting to do a speech in shorts and flip-flops and since Reboot is a) held in the summer and b) mostly attended by IT geeks, this was the perfect venue to do it :o)

The theme of the presentation is action. My point is simple: A bias for action is good for you because stuff happens when you act. But mostly I talk about how you get to action.

Your take

What about you? What helps you act? When do you get up and do stuff and when do you prefer to think, analyze and plan? What happens when you act?

4 thoughts on “Getting to action: My latest Reboot talk”

  1. Very interesting video! Thanks for sharing it. My best time to think is first thing in the morning – undisturbed. That and right after the you-know-what hits the fan. Whenever it seems I’m most likely to give up, something happens and I go at it with more vigor and more ideas than before. I wish it didn’t take the big bumps to get that kind of action out of me, but then again it sure comes in handy as a survival technique!

  2. Thank you for sharing this video. I love it – celebrate failure. I am trying to fail faster all the time.

    I will have to add workhappiness to my vocabulary.

  3. The book, The Art of Possibility by Ben and Rosamund Zander also talks about the benefits of “celebrating failure” and provides suggestions for practicing the behavior.

    Thanks for the suggestions! Being happy at work sounds a lot better than the alternative. After having watched the video I will try to think action thoughts. Hopefully those will lead me to get off my rear!

  4. Shelly: I think we have similar motivational techniques :o)

    Mara: Glad you liked the idea of celebrating failure, I’d love to see more people doing that.

    DC: I have that book – in fact I met Ben Zander when we both spoke at London Business School. What a great person – I was awed by him and by his stories.

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