The crisis? Let me tell you how I feel about the crisis!

Like just about anyone else, my favorite café here in Copenhagen is tired of hearing about the financial crisis.

And this is how they’ve reacted:

That shows guts, initiative, playfulness and a commitment to fun. I love it!

It doesn’t stop at the posters and postcards (which I apparently inspired), the owner does many things to make this a happy workplace. Here’s one: As an employee on your birthday, you can either get a gift from the café or you can throw a party and the café will pay for it – provided you invite all your co-workers.

Which is just one more reason why I love this place. That and the pancakes :o) In fact, I’m writing this at The Laundromat Café and I also wrote large parts of my first book here.

One thought on “The crisis? Let me tell you how I feel about the crisis!”

  1. I agree with DC Jobs! The current financial crisis is what it is, and while it is very serious, at some point being able to step back and laugh about it a little makes it easier to forge ahead and do what needs to be done to make it through. Constant doom and gloom only breeds more doom and gloom . . .

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