Friday Spoing

Sometimes I get asked if it’s possible to be too happy at work. I didn’t use to think so, and the jury is still out on that question.

But then I saw this guy:

I wish you a happy weekend. But maybe not THAT happy :o)

6 thoughts on “Friday Spoing”

  1. I’ve been known to do this quite frequently in my big-rig truck which does happen to have a fair quality sound system. Music can make one’s work day go from good to great and I must say, when Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” comes on these days, people heading in the opposite direction on the highway must either think I’m screaming into my blue tooth headset with incredible emotion or that I have just lost all my marbles. Whatever the case and whatever they think, what matters is that I’m very happy and I’m not shy about it.

    What a great fellow to have been the subject of this video clip.

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