Good news/bad news

I’ve got good news, good news, more good news and bad news. What do you want first?

The good news: I’m speaking at TEDx Copenhagen on November 30.This year the talks will be held in English, so I’ll actually be able to share my TEDx talk with an international audience. Wooo-hooooooooo! The talk should be available right after the conference – stay tuned.

More good news: My speech in Bratislava last week went really well and was received very enthusiastically by a mixed audience of leaders, HR people and students. I was even on Slovakian TV news that night :o)

Still more good news: We’re entering the busiest time of the year. Over the next 20 days I and my fantastic co-workers are doing 27 client gigs (speeches, workshops and trainings) in 4 different countries. That’s a lotta workplace happiness right there :o)

And finally the bad news: This also means that there will probably won’t be a lot happening on this blog over then next few weeks. Follow me on twitter instead – I’ll still have time to tweet.

2 thoughts on “Good news/bad news”

  1. ;-)
    Yes, Alex you have totally rocked in Bratislava!
    It was ” helluva” experience to see you live in action!
    Keep on making this world a better place.

  2. Alexander,

    Congratulations on your appointment to speak at TEDx! What a thrill that must be for you! I hope all of your preparation goes well and you have a great time…

    Needless to say I will miss your blog posts!

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