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I need to find some studies that show what happens to people after they quit a job.

I’m thinking partly about their emotional well-being but especially in terms of life situation. How many people who quit have a new job lined up already? How many end up unemployed for longer periods of time? How many go on to something better? That kind of thing :o)

Do you know any?

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  1. I quit 2 jobs until now and both of times it was because I got a better offer.

    I was the lucky one. Some of my friends were not so lucky.
    I’ve seen people loosing self-efficacy together with their job and ending up in depressive states from which they got out after months. Some ended up in jobs worst than the previous ones. Some got lucky and ended up in jobs that produced less money but way more happiness/life satisfaction.

    To me, self-efficacy is KEY. If someone has high self-efficacy, loosing a job might end up to be a very very good thing. If someone has low self-efficacy, loosing a job might be a punch that will knock him down.

    The Explanatory Style plays a HUGE role too.

  2. I don’t have any study links, but I can tell you of a specific incident. My husband went from working two part-time retail positions to quitting one of them due to stress and repeatedly being passed by for promotion. It got to the point he was training his managers, but not being thought of as management material. So he quit. He timed his departure so that it was the Saturday before Black Friday and the only person in the group who had ever worked the holiday before and only one with more than a month’s experience in the department. There was no exit interview attempted nor was there an attempt at determining why an experienced employee would want to leave. His departure did free him up for his other part-time job, which immediately promoted him to full-time and proceeded to work him up the ranks until they closed five years later.

  3. I quit my job because my employer makes me a dummy on client interviews. I am the only employee in a certain job criteria. They make me look like a fool who can’t understand what the client is saying. They try to be me in front of clients. They thought interviewing a client’s need is an easy job for everyone to design a business system.

    I loss respect and pride. I think I burst out and instantly decided to quit the job right away, although I stayed for a month as a notice.

    I was unemployed for 7 months, until I realize that I am good and better than others in the field, that I would be looking for a company who would accept me where it’s a win-win situation. The company would be paying me for the best service I would give to them.

    I need respect and trust. Then I would give my all.

  4. I quit my job to stay home with my children for 5 years. By the time I was ready to go back into the workforce I no longer knew what my value was. In the US stay-at-home parents are undervalued and sometimes looked down upon. There is pressure to “explain the gap” on your resume with volunteer work and such, because apparently parenting isn’t job enough! I met with a job coach and several other women in the same situation, we collected 360 feedback from former coworkers and bosses and I was reaquainted with me as a working person. As a result I was much more confident and actually had two job offers for IT jobs (after 5 years, imagine that!). I’ve been working for five years now and I can look back at those stay-at-home years fondly. Money Magazine did a story on me regarding this. You might find some data on their website. Have you tried They have interesting articles about job hunting and knowing when to quit a job.

  5. @Meimi – you don’t get given respect and trust – YOU have to earn them.

    @Penny – I came remarkably close to doing just that with one employer. Fortunately for myself and my family it was a Friday night when I told my wife “that was it I’m walking away” because I had the whole weekend to calm down and weigh up my options.

    Had it been any other day of the week then I can see I would have quit.

  6. @Stuart everyone does respect and have a great trust on me. but my employer… they try to let the client know that he is knows how things are done, and he tries to tell people he can analyze and do programs. everything is a mess. only that employer look down on me because he wants to let people know he knows everything, as in everything. the clients know he’s not on the programming and analysis side. i had earned the respect of all the clients. but i hate how my employer treats me.

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