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Check out this comment from Cindy:

I made up a game for my weekly department meetings to refresh and train the staff in a fun and competitive way.(I was managing a despatch department in a manufacturing company)

The Game
I made a list of questions relating to the department, it’s procedures and the stock etc.
I purchased a bag of lollies and treats (a couple of dollars taken from petty cash)
I gave each person at the meeting a bell and the first one to ring the bell and get the question right got a lollie or treat.
The overall winner was the person who scored the most lollies/treats.

This game created excitement because the staff had to beat each other to the buzzer and that got them thinking at the same time. It made them all feel like a winner in the end because everyone ended up with some prizes.

However the best benefit from this game was that if they did not know the answer or couldn’t remember the answer (sometimes a person may have their facts wrong and you have been trying to enforce the correct answer – usually someone who has been there a while and think they no longer need training) that person walked away from the meeting having learnt something they will probably remember because it was taught in a fun environment.A fun way of refreshing and training.
The staff grew to love the weekly quizzes and became quite competitive about it.

Try it at your next meeting

What do you think – could this work in your workplace? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done in a meeting?

Original post: Five weeeeeeeeird tips for great meetings.

10 thoughts on “Fun and games in meetings”

  1. I use a tool that gets people to develop the storyboard for a documentary about how they are succeeding in the future. I learned it from Paul Z Jackson and have used it many times to help people have fun learning collaboratively about how they might work together in teams, cross-functionally, etc.

  2. I remember playing this same game years ago…

    I was a great way to get the staff to have a little fun while burning product information into the subconscious.

    Thanks for reminding me …

  3. makes me think that any part of a job that can be measured and scored can be turned into a game. And I sure as heck would sooner play for living then work for a living…good stuff!

  4. That is a fun game for training meetings! Do you think you retain information more easily when you’re engaged in an activity like this one?

  5. This is a good idea for our next monthly staff meeting. An interesting game we played during a departmental retreat was that we had a list of commonly used words within the organization that were off limits during the all day retreat. The person with the least amount of slip ups got a free vacation day. It forced us to think outside the box when coming up with ideas for the department. Oh, everyone got a free vacation day!

  6. One fun way to break the ice and get people talking is to go around the table and have each person tell the group a word they dislike. For example, some people can’t stand the word “Whatever” or the non-word “Irregardless”. Then, when someone uses one of those words later in the meeting, it makes everyone crack up. Great way to lighten the mood and help people enjoy the meeting.


  7. I love this and thanks for sharing, Meetings at times can be boring, so its great to do fun things. We have a fun company song which I also adapt for others, it is great to get people to come up with their own versions.

    Be Confident, Be Positive and Be Happy

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