7 thoughts on “Friday Spoing”

  1. This guy is amazing! A real example that no matter what you do, do it well, and do it with some passion.

  2. A great reminder! It seems that “boring” is a mental rut that we can easily get stuck in. This guy has decided to break from that and make his simple task fun. I work with America’s Business Trust Expert David Horsager who speaks on the value of connecting with people in order to build trust individually and organizationally. How can we possibly connect with people if no one wants to be around our boring-ness. This gentleman is an inspiration for getting out of the rut!

  3. Boy, what a boring job.. are you seriously suggesting that flapping bags around will make it any more interesting.

    Apart from anything else, it’s probably glamorised poverty.

    How much does this guy get paid?

    Wouldn’t it be more useful if spent his time producing things, rather than wrapping silk scarves for excessive fashionable clothing..?

    All the good things desperate to be done in the world and this guy can sure as he’ll flip a bag..

  4. Attitude truly is everything. It’s amazing to see someone make a happy or positive meaning from a situation that is average or “boring.” This truly requires a level of effort, creativity, and gratitude. Thanks for sharing Alex!

  5. That’s great! Back in my youth (long ago!) I spent some time cleaning fish at a cannery in Alaska. There were three of us and we went through several tons a day. My coworkers were hilarious. We held friendly competitions for speed and accuracy, but the best part was the fish cleaning songs we made up and sang to the tune of “Rawhide.” Who would ever think that sliming around in fish guts could be fun?!

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