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  1. Hi Alexander,

    I’m aware that this comment is not relevant to your blog post directly, so I am not expecting this reply to go public.

    I just wanted to present a case study I have been working on with a client, which may interest you and tackles the subject of coaching and mentoring. The link for the article is http://springccr.co.uk/coaching-at-work and there is a free press pack available to download with assets should you wish to create your own content or share the information internally or externally.

    Please let me know if you have any issues with the pack, or require files in any other format, as I will be only too happy to help. Please also let me know (or leave a comment on the moderated page) if you would like to receive further press packs from Spring in future. If I don’t hear from you, I will always assume you do not.

    All the best – Mark

  2. THAT is a salesman.
    I love how when he finds out the buyer is from Germany,
    he weaves in the German words he knows.
    And he gives the buyer so much information
    while entertaining him.

  3. Entertaining article and a very gifted individual.

    However with the shift in culture in SA business, I do believe we will soon face the same issues.

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