Much Better Meetings

Much Better Meetings

We are extremely proud to be able to announce our newest product, which is called Much Better Meetings.

Basically, meetings often suck and make people unhappy at work.

I talked to a friend today who says he has a doctor’s note to the effect that any meeting longer than 10 minutes gives him a nosebleed.

Much Better Meetings is a complete system, ready to install in any meeting room, which helps you plan and facilitate effective, structured, fun meetings.

However, I’m afraid it’s only available in Danish so far under the name of Meget Bedre Mder. Read all about it at

Depending on the interest we get an English version may be coming soon.

5 thoughts on “Much Better Meetings”

  1. Regardless that you don’t have the product in an English version yet, by all means make the videos in English as well or text those you already have. Bad meetings are happiness killers everywhere.

  2. Would love to see an English version….I’ve been having a lot of nosebleeds lately. :-)

  3. I am always looking at making meetings more productive and also use post notes a lot. You product seems great! I went to the danish site, however even tough I understand Dutch I couldn’t understand a word of the videos. I would like to get more information on how it works in English when available. Looking forward to the English version of you product.

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