Weekend Woohoo

I just found this video of a Disney World cast member (which is what they call employees) rocking out during a parade:

That’s happiness at work right there :o)

Also check out the comments on the video:

This lady always dances? her heart out every single time that parade passes through.

Way to go Barbara! Lots of fun to work with her on Main Street.

She out performed the parade? performers! Get it girl!!!

Do you ever do your job in a way that is worthy of filming and putting on YouTube?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Woohoo”

  1. I know her. She is amazing and always dancing. She truly exhibits the Disney model of high quality guest service, making a magical experience for guests.

  2. Maybe all employers should call employees “cast members”. Then, when you introduce new coworkers, you can really figure out who’s who fast. “Hi, Jenny, this is Bob. He plays the role of Loki, the trickster. Don’t be surprised by what he does to your cubicle while you’re on vacation. Over there, you’ll see Laura who plays Miss Manners, the ideal receptionist. Mind your Ps and Qs around her.”

    I think it would work.


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