Quitting instantly improved the quality of my life


This great comment came in yesterday from Stephan De Villiers:

I quit my job today! Don’t know what I am going to for sure, I just know that by quitting I instantly improved the quality of my life.

I honestly think that fear of quitting a bad job is one of the main sources of unhappiness at work. Hating your job is bad enough but if you also feel that there is no way out, no matter how badly they treat you, then things become much, much worse. Conversely, knowing that you are free to quit and find something else makes a bad job situation easier to bare. But only if you’re willing to exercise that freedom and actually leave that job. Which way to few people do.

Kudos to Stephan for doing it!

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2 thoughts on “Quitting instantly improved the quality of my life”

  1. Alexander, have you read the book “Quitter?” I think you’d really like it. It’s funny and a great guide for how to find the work you love and stop being a serial quitter.

  2. I have also taken that initiative once in 2009. BUT! You can only do this if you have a financial “back-up”. At this moment (I do have a perfect job, so no worries) I would be unable to do this, even if my job sucked. As most people, I have a mortgage and fixed costs that need to be covered. The only thing one can do is applying for another job and meanwhile continue working. So though I agree with what you say, it’s not the reality for most people.

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