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I recently revived our newsletter about happiness at work after a year-long hiatus and I’ve really been enjoying writing it. Right now, 2,500 people subscribe to it and you can see the newsletters here.

But I would like to do an even better job. I’d like to reach more people and inspire them and help them to do even more to create happiness at work.

Do you have any good tips or suggestions for me? What should I keep on doing and what should I change? What’s the best damn newsletter you know and what makes it good?

Any ideas are much appreciated :o)

4 thoughts on “The best damn newsletter”

  1. When I can follow someone using an RSS feed, I prefer to do it than subscribing to the corresponding newsletter. This means I am not subscribing to your newsletter, but I read every post you make on this blog.

    My suggestion is that you keep up the good (happy) work you have been doing. You rock! :-)

  2. What I would be interested in is how to “convert” others? How to make them understand that happiness at work is the best productivity tool there is? Especially how to convince bosses.

  3. 1) Ask your subscribers at the Danish newsletter if they want it in English as well (if they don’t already subscribe to it). It is easier to forward internationally.
    2) Consider how to get it out in other languages. Even people who don’t read English deserve to be happy at work.
    3) Take up some of your more “learned” articles, those that refer to good research, and make a rerun of the older ones. You may have new subscribers that haven’t read them and some are easier to share with colleagues without being named as a “whiner”. Remember, your concept is still a bit foreign to non Scandinavians.
    4) Blog about this in other fora from where you might be cited.
    5) Find ways to collaborate with social scientists. You travel and make speeches. It gives you a unique window into different cultures. Bring data from those gatherings back into work research.
    6) Cross reference with those that have attended your workshops and ask those that don’t subscribe to your blog why not.

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