100 years old and happy at work

Rosa Finnegan is 100 years old and still works in a factory. In this hilarious video, she explains why she is some 30 or 40 years past retirement age but not retired:

Rosa works at needle and tubing manufacturing firm Vita Needle in Needham, Mass. The company is known for its elderly workforce. The average worker is 74 years old.

PBS did a report on them – watch it here.

There are a couple of great things here. First of all, I think it’s fantastic that some companies are figuring out that people past the age of 55 are also great workers. And secondly, I love the idea that you can be working (and happy about it) way past retirement age.

When you think about it, retirement really only makes sense if you don’t like your job. If your job gives you purpose, energy and happiness why would you just stop? It’s part of an old mindset that’s been called Slave, Save, Retire. You work really hard at a job you hate, struggling to save enough money that one day you won’t have to work any more.

I honestly don’t see myself ever retiring – at least not as long as I can still find work I enjoy. What do you think?

And here’s another hilarious clip with Rosa:

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