5,000 views – woohoo!

What The Heck Is Arbejdsglaede!?

Our brand new stop-motion animated video about happiness at work just passed 5,000 views. You can watch it at here AND sign up to get a weekly email with our best happiness tips.

What The Heck Is Arbejdsglaede!?

UPDATE: And 24 hours later we’re at 6,500 views. Woohoooooo :o)

UPDATEx2: And we’ve now passed 8,500!!!

UPDATEx3: 10,000!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “5,000 views – woohoo!”

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  2. I just learned something nice today from that video. Thanks! I went and shared it on one of my favorite internet sites. BTW, I am working on Happiness At Work right now. I’m in the process of starting my own company doing what I love – writing. Great video!

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