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  1. If I were to win the lottery tomorrow, I’d quit and be a student for the rest of my life. So, essentially, I work because I need to make money to buy groceries and keep my kitties in litter and kibble. I’m trying to find the least objectionable and most moral way to earn that money, but if I didn’t have to worry about money, I’d rather spend my days exercising, learning and travelling.

  2. Reminds me of a parable I retold last week:
    A wanderer passes a quarry and sees three men working. He asks the first, what he is doing. The man answers annoyed “I’m hammering at stones!”. The wanderer asks the second man the same and he answers “I am working here to earn a living.” The wanders walks on and asks the third. The third man straigthens his back, wipes sweat off his face and says proudly “I am helping to build a cathedral.”

    Right now I work two jobs, one in an office, that pays my bills. In the other I am building a cathedral: my own company :) and I hope to make the transition in a few months! The office-job is 24h a week at the moment (3 days) and adding my own stuff I’d say I work around 60h per week. The office stuff is much more exhausting and frustrating, although “on paper” less stressful and I have no worries about it I take home. My own company often keeps me busy into the nights and on the weekends, but I enjoy doing it (most of the time, nothing is perfect). I even swallow the bad stuff without complaining, because I always have the bigger goal right in my view.

  3. I go to work to earn money, be with people (I live on my own), do something useful with my life and stay away from the fridge.

  4. I work to take over the family business, which, surprisingly, I have enjoyed a lot in the couple years I’ve been here. I used to work only for money, but this job is so much more fun, and it will help to secure my parents future as well as my own.

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