Happiness at work in Bulgaria

Happiness at work in Bulgaria

This weekend I was in Sofia, Bulgaria to speak at an event about happiness at work arranged by the Bulgarian foundation Credo Bonum.

The event had two speakers, Nic Marks and myself, and we kicked ass if I do say so myself.

Nic is a researcher with a long background in happiness research and gave an excellent overview of how to define and measure happiness at work. I could then offer some specific ideas of how to create happy workplaces.

The event was a massive hit and turnout was huge with a large group of people having to stand in the back.

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I also did a number of TV interviews as well as a joint appearance with Nic on the late night show Night Birds which has to stand as the most fun I’ve ever had on TV. We were on for 45 minutes and not only was there a live band to play happy music, we also got to do live improv comedy with two actors. The show will air at some later date.

I also did a an interview for a magazine – you can read it here.

A massive thank you to Credo Bonum for giving me this opportunity to speak in Bulgaria, to Simeon and Nikolet for being such great hosts and to everyone who came to the event.

Also, Bulgaria makes it 39 countries I’ve spoken in. Seems like my gig in Chile in June will make it 40!

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