Watch my speech from Boston University

Two weeks ago I spoke at Boston University as part of their “European Voices” lecture series. The speech was very well received and seemed to inspire a lot of people.

They also filmed the speech and you can watch the whole thing right here:

At 9:17 Tim Sullivan, editorial director of Harvard Business Review Press, introduces me and then I go on at 11:40.

3 thoughts on “Watch my speech from Boston University”

  1. Excellent content and manner.

    It gave me insight into who you are and how you work – and that extra bit of wisdom and the abilitiy to rely differentiate as to what really works vs. “theory”!

    I will list you as one of the true experts (and not just promoter types) who can actually contribute real substance!

  2. Great video, Alex, congratulations.

    Your Good Morning exercise is missing an obvious option, the “Good Morning, Alex” version. Using people’s name is using the No.1 word in their lives. Using their name tells them that you actually recognize who they are – and having a relationship starts there.

    In general I think that Trust is the most important factor either missing or in play when we are happy or not.

  3. Great video Alexander!

    Makes me want to visit Denmark!

    Passion is so important. It wakes you up in the morning and it makes sure that you keep on trucking throughout. Without it the days can become seriously long!

    The cultural differences are interesting between the US and Europe. Though I do think that passion, is passion, is passion, wherever it happens to be found.

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