10 years of happiness at work


10 years ago today I had my first paying customer in Woohoo inc. I have now spent 10 years making millions of people in 30 countries happy at work.

I have never before in my life done the same thing for 10 years running and I can honestly say that this is the most fun and the most fulfilling thing I have ever done.

I am incredibly thankful to way too many people to mention here but I am fully aware that this journey would have been completely impossible without my great friends, playmates, partners and clients around the world to help me, inspire me and challenge me.

Here’s to the next 10 years and to our vision:
A world where happiness at work is the rule and not the exception.

Who’s with me? :)

And here’s a little gallery to celebrate the last 10 years.

18 thoughts on “10 years of happiness at work”

  1. Congatulations – I know your work has meant a lot to people like myself that only know the things you make from a distance.

  2. I’m with you! Along with all of us at NixonMcInnes :) You rock mate, keep up the good work, it’s truly inspiring.

  3. Thank you for all the ways you make a difference and the influence you bring to assist me making my work place a happy one

  4. Congratulations, Alex! It’s a great achievement to last one year, much less ten, but it’s even greater to be doing some that you love and to be sharing that love with others. Here’s to the next ten!

  5. Amazing, Alexander. It’s been a privilege and an inspiration to be able to follow you from the start. You’re still an inspiration to me. Thank you for your amazing work.


  6. Congratulations for a great decade of pollination,with the pollen grain of happiness.
    Best of luck

  7. Congrats Alex, thanks for the great work. 10 years that alot. again Congrats.

  8. Congratulations! Ten years awesomely spend.

    Still working on my plan to get you to the Netherlands (again?).

    Enjoy the next 10 years!

  9. Better late than never… Happy 10th Anniversary! Que sigas lleno de bendiciones por toda la felicidad que llevas al mundo laboral :)
    I will now submit my Ask the CHO question, perhaps someone out there can offer some advice as well. Tight HUG and once more Congrats!

  10. Alex,

    Congratulations on a decade of helping others find happiness at work! I really appreciate you and your work, Alex. Here’s to the years and decades to come.

    With very best wishes and warmest regards,


  11. Congratulations on 10 years! What an accomplishment: finding your calling, and serving others effectively in identifying and then making their unique contribution. Thank you for your service. With best wishes for the next 10 years!

  12. Happy 10th Anniversary

    You are always an inspiration :o)

    Alex – You Rock !!!

  13. Congrats, the pictures are a nice way of reflecting on 10 years of achievements.

  14. Congratulations Alex. The world needs more people like you, who deliver a positive message with a great deal of enthusiasm. Wishing you many more decades.

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