2 thoughts on “What is arbejdsglaede in your language?”

  1. I don’t think the Anglophone countries will ever invent a word for it. There is a deep-seated attitude in our world, that the dour (Protestant) work ethic gets better results. Job insecurity and impossible workloads and colleagues foster a culture of denial and fear in which people don’t want to look like ‘troublemakers’.

    If you end up unemployed in the UK, you get £72 a week in benefit to live on, whereas in Denmark 70% of people are in a union, and your flexicurity system gives the lowest paid workers up to 80% of their previous salary in unemployment benefit for up to two years. Such a system removes fear from the workplace, and nurtures a sense of security and entitlement which doesn’t exist in the UK or the USA. In my opinion, this guide of environment makes arbejdsglæde a realistic goal for workers in Denmark to have.

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