Meetings are one of the most hated workplace activities. Studies show that the more meetings people attend, the less happy they are at work and that meetings are the biggest time waster keeping people from actually, you know, doing their jobs.

This passage from the book jPod by Douglas Coupland illustrates it brilliantly:

Hereís my theory about meetings and life; the three things you canít fake are erections, competence and creativity. Thatís why meetings become toxic ó they put uncreative people in a situation in which they have to be something they can never be. And the more effort they put into concealing their inabilities, the more toxic the meeting becomes.

One of the most common creativity-faking tactics is when someone puts their hands in prayer position and conceals their mouth while they nod at you and say, “Mmmmmmm. Interesting.” If pressed, theyíll add, “Iíll have to get back to you on that.” Then they donít say anything else.


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