I must apologize

I’m afraid I have to bring an apology.

Danish electronics retailer FONA are losing money and have consequently told their employees to accept a 10% pay cut or they will be fired.

I predicted on Friday that this would lead to a drop in employee happiness, customer service and sales and end up costing FONA more than they save.

But it turns out I was wrong!! You see, a journalist has concluded that there is no ill will towards the company’s salary cuts. Employees don’t like it but will accept it, he writes.

He concludes this after having visited 3 stores and talking to 2 store managers.

So I was clearly in the wrong and companies can cut employees’ wages with impunity and no risk of negative effects :)

Here’s the article in Danish.

Yes, I’m being sarcastic :o)

5 thoughts on “I must apologize”

  1. I am quite surprised to see your apology regarding this as I think you are still right not a single employee wants to take a pay cut. So I am not sure if your second post is a joke and I am too blond to respond or you are really apologizing for something you should not apologize for, I however do not speak Danish so was unable to read the article (even after google translate). Did the journalist try to work for less too? I am very much motivated by the job I do but getting extra money or a promotion is always a good sign to see you are doing a good job, getting a pay cut would for me mean it is time to look for a new job because I would not feel justified by this. Anyway that is my opinion.

    Happy Monday!

    Warmest regards,


  2. Or I need to improve on my reading it is because I was unable to read the article I guess I was struggling to understand the pun intended ;-)

    I really love your work so keep it up!

    Thanks for the reply feel a bit humiliated now… hahaha

  3. Performance is a desire to do good, better, best. It is not necessarily tied up with compensation. People who say they will do better if paid better are simply talking bull.

    It is nice, though, to be compensated fairly for good performance. That’s why companies have the promotion mechanism.

  4. I did not realize that your being sarcastic until you said it. I was about to say that I congratulate you for accepting your mistake. Of course, I was hoping that there was really a very good relationship between the employees and the management that a pay cut was easily accepted.

    I am not about to leave. I will look for your other entry which has no sarcasm.


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