A fun thing to do for Christmas

Danish nisseDanish workers have a tradition of playing small Christmas pranks on each other throughout December, based on the old folk belief in nisser, little elf-like creatures that hid in people’s houses and played pranks on people.

This is the way it works in many Danish workplaces:

  1. At the beginning of December, everyone draws the name of a co-worker without revealing whose name they drew.
  2. Throughout December, your job is to play harmless little pranks on that person without getting caught.
  3. Just before Christmas you get the whole team together and everyone has to try and guess who’s been pranking them.

This is fun in itself and you can try that if you want.

But lately we’ve been telling workplaces to turn this around so that instead of pranks, you do anonymous acts of workplace kindness. You can leave candy on someone’s desk or maybe decorate their workstation for the holidays without getting caught? The possibilities are endless. Get creative :o)

So this holiday season, be a good nisse.

One thought on “A fun thing to do for Christmas”

  1. I recently saw Roko Belic’s award winning documentary entitled “Happy”. I thought of you and this blog immediately. I look forward to your emails and thanks to you, I am much happier at work. This does not mean that anything exterior to me has changed. The information that you have provided has helped ME. I have, in turn, been happier and I am helping others. Overall, our office is a much happier place than it has been in the prior 6 years and the “happier” portion of the office is having a blast. The naysayers are still working themselves to death; one had a heart attack again just a few months ago – but of course, he was back to work the next week and was expected to do so. At least he has stopped eating cheeseburgers for lunch, but I am always open to new ideas and one day, who knows? I may even reach him. Until then, please keep up the good work! Damn, I wish I lived in Denmark! LOL!

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