3 thoughts on “Monday Tip: Come up with something yourself”

  1. For 13 years, I’ve kept a tall glass canister on my desk filled with M&Ms. It essentially made my desk a port in the storm during stressful times. It may not be the healthiest happiness generator, but it sure seems to convert a lot of frowns and scowls to smiles.

  2. During a major change in the company I worked for, we started “Fun Fridays” to boost morale and workplace happiness. Employees were put into teams (we created teams of people who normally had no or minimal work interaction with each other). Each team was assigned a month to host a Fun Friday for the other employees. They were given a small budget and general guidelines (such as food must be served, there had to be entertainment, they had to stay within budget, and all employees on the team had to participate). The result was improved morale and happiness. Employees got to know each other better and were “required” to stop working one Friday each month to have FUN. It was a huge success!

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