3 thoughts on “Our best advice for job seekers”

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  2. Normally I fully agree with you Alexander. But not this time. There are a lot of people looking for a job who are happy (and lucky) to get a job, any kind of job. Even one that does not make them happy is something they would very much like to get as opposed to having no job.

  3. I agree completely with you Gerard. I have been looking for a job since September. Not very long compared to most people, I know. But before that I was working part-time, 24 hours a week on average, for 6 years. Unemployment benefits were next to nothing. I have even tried temp work, but everything close to where I live is manufacturing. I was just let go from a temp job because my production was not high enough, even though a couple days before that the line I was working on was at 130%. Age discrimination is alive and well. I am now applying for housekeeping or cleaning just to make ends meet.

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