2 thoughts on “Hating your job makes you sick (says science)”

  1. It’s so true. Hating your job leave you no where and it ultimately affects your health and personal life. You cant focus on any thing due to constant frustration.

  2. I have a client who related that new owners took over the company that employed him . At every turn the new owners undermined and bullied him to the extent that he only spoke to them through his lawyer. The reason he stayed on though is because he had 3 years to go to earn his pension and by leaving early he would lose significant benefits. As a result of the constant stress and anxiety his health deteriorated until he was admitted to a regional hospital in critical condition. His condition steadily worsened to the extent that the authorities deemed it too dangerous to transfer him by helicopter to a larger metropolitan hospital with better specialists and facilities. The health professionals could not even turn him in his bed for fear that he would die. They called his family to advise them to expect the worst. Somehow during the next 24 hrs he turned the corner and slowly recovered. His ill health continued until he eventually left the company. Immediately he did so his condition improved and his health and vitality returned. The question is: If he had died in an attempt to earn the additional benefit, would it have been worth it??

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