Is it time to quit your job? Take our test and find out.

How do you know if youíre unhappy at work? That something is not right and that itís time to either make some changes at work or move on to a new job?

Helping people obtain Happiness at Work is my Job. Iíve talked to a lot of people who hate their jobs and Iíve noticed some common warning signs.

If youíre wondering if itís time to quit, take the test to see how many of these warning signs you exhibit.

Take the test here.

5 thoughts on “Is it time to quit your job? Take our test and find out.”

  1. Oh by the way. I hope the questions include something about boredom. I feel that the questions were few.

  2. Thank You. It is Time for this question. I struggled myself with doubt. Until the result of the test. Really, I am passionate with doing my jobs. Thank You, once again.

  3. No, I am very happy with my job, so I have no need to quit my job. Thanks for question.

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