3 questions to ask yourself for more happiness at work

questionWe gain much of our happiness at work (and in life) by appreciating the good things we have and do.

Sure, you should also make sure to improve your circumstances and address any problems but it is just as important to be able to appreciate the things that work.

This is hard. Negativity bias is one of the most well-established psychological phenomena and it means quite simply that our minds devote more mental focus and cognition to the bad than the good.

Simply put, our thoughts automatically go to problems, annoyances, threats and fears but remembering and appreciating the good in our lives takes effort and focus.

With that in mind, here are 3 questions you can ask yourself to help focus on the positive in your work life.

1: What have you done recently that you’re proud of?
This can be deadlines met and goals achieved or maybe a time where you helped a coworker or customer.

Research shows that one of the main drivers of happiness at work is measurable, meaningful progress.

2: What have you learned recently?
How have you grown professionally or personally? What new knowledge have you gathered? What can you do better or faster today compared to previously?

3: Who has helped you?
Who has been there for you? How have your coworkers or your boss helped you out and been there for you?

I suggest making it a ritual to answer these questions at the end of every month.

6 thoughts on “3 questions to ask yourself for more happiness at work”

  1. I’m afraid that “at the end of each month” might not be helpful. You’ll probably have forgotten those positive things a month after.

  2. Good point. The frequency of this type of exercise matters – too often and it becomes a strain, too rare and it loses some of its effectiveness. Maybe weekly would work better..?

  3. What have you learned recently? This is the big one for me, especially when your current position sucks. Their is always a way to learn something new that can make you better!

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