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  1. I have a very hard time seeing a legit business model in this App.

    While I totally agree with the premise (reflecting on what makes you happy or what you are grateful for makes you become more aware of what makes you happy and grateful for) the same end can be achieved by sending yourself an email. And then you answer and forward it to yourself with a send date tomorrow.
    A low key solution that doesn’t provide somebody else with neither clues to what makes you happy nor a platform for marketing.

  2. I think this is terrific!!! While doing it yourself through email, journal, etc may seem simple, most people will not do it without some type of a prop. I used to have a desk top widget that counted days without complaining from ” A Complaint Free World” and I loved it. It kept track of positive days, but when you caught yourself complaining- you reset it. The idea was to get to 21 consecutive days to form a habit. It is harder than you think, but a great way to focus on being positive. :)

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