I need your best idea

If I write a short e-book about quitting your job, what should I call it?

Here are the best ideas from when I asked the same question on Facebook:

Laila Pawlak Quit!

Jens Ditlev Fromsejer Press Esc

Jesper Wille · 4 mutual friends
“You’re fired, boss”.

Chandramohan Amritkar Yo can go your own way

Chandramohan Amritkar The fun begins now

Alexander Kjerulf How about “Sayonara, suckers!”

Dara Lawlor So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersein, Good Night…..

Kris Østergaard Be a quitter

Benjamin Andersen Explorer new opportunity.. .

Benjamin Andersen Kris i think Be a Quitter is negative.. It should be positive

Carsten Røjgaard So long and thank you for the fish

Pat Bermudez How say bye gracefully…See you Bitches!
Obviously a comedy

Bastian Döen I think the one with the fish is already taken

Carsten Røjgaard @Bastian Döen – Yepper by Douglas Adams …Just thought it was kind of fun ….

IrgendeinfranzösischerName Ahrens “I’m out!”

Benjamin Andersen “To new heights”

Jens Ditlev Fromsejer Too filthy…

Christian Dalager “Exit strategy”, “Quitting is not for losers”

Pamela Michelle Paquin How to pay your bills and feed your children while not giving up on your soul.

Alexander Kjerulf You guys are awesome – these are excellent suggestions. What if I wanted something really provocative and out there?

IrgendeinfranzösischerName Ahrens don’t get me started on the swear words!

Jens Ditlev Fromsejer Up yours…

Jens Ditlev Fromsejer The ugly boss survival kit

Jens Ditlev Fromsejer Smile to the firemen (you’ve just started a fire at the boss’ desk), on your way out, you pass the firemen on their way in

Ana Lipovz “If not today, then when? Emergency exit tutorial”

Annette Løvgren Larsen Quit your job? Or?

IrgendeinfranzösischerName Ahrens If “boss” is just another four-letter word, it’s time to leave.

Annette Løvgren Larsen bye bye boss – hello life

Lori Webb Happy Hour is 24 – 7

Sasha Mrkailo Get a life.

Rasmus Rasmussen Finally.

Sophira Carolina Hansen Happy Quitter

Mads C. Voldum “Hit it and quit it” “Quit the shit” “Quitting time”

Allan Geert Nielsen Free at last – free at last

Tom Nixon Good Guys Quit First

Klaus Veile How NOT to stay in your job

Nicolai Stumpe Go forward

Allan Geert Nielsen Jump

Peter Favrholdt Elvis has left the building

Eugenio Battaglia Love, Life and Work. How to leave your job and live your life.

Carsten Røjgaard “Working for you is like rain in november – i quit”

Terrence Seamon “I’m Outa Here!”

Daniel Barradas There’s a new life outside


11 thoughts on “I need your best idea”

  1. Quit Your Way to Happiness
    I “Quit” It My Way
    Resignation Revolution
    Evolution of Resignation
    I Resign…To Be Happy
    “A Winner Never Quits” is WRONG!
    A Quitter’s Guide to Happiness at Work or Happiness at Work: A Quitter’s Guide

  2. Leave for Happy Hour, and Don’t Come Back
    Happiness is for Quitters
    Find Your Happy In Another Sandbox
    Go Find Your Happy Place
    Quit Like Nobody is Watching
    Peace Out

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