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  1. Looks great!
    The price model is not quite clear to me. I pay 1000 $ every year and 1000 or 2000 for the certification workshop. If I sign up as a partner, can I then get both the workshop and year long certification for a total of 2000?

    Do I have to join the workshop every year or is once enough?

    It looks like you provide A LOT of value to the potential partners. You have probably thought about this, but my thoughts go to:
    – How have you uncovered your price point – and who do you see as your target. Seems to me there would be a lot of difference between being a nurse or a professional consultant.
    – How do you screen people to make sure that they actually are good?
    – How many can you handle before you become bottlenecks?

    Maybe you could think in TED terms as well in regards to setting up chapters around the world, with conferences, talks on a web platform etc, to ensure a wider spread as well.

    Again, it looks awesome and like a lot of value you can and will provide. I am positive it will be a great success!

  2. I’ve read this through a couple of times and have a few observations…. In terms of copy it reads well although I would use a short summary para in bold up front before getting into details. And maybe more (but shorter) bullet points rather than long paragraphs.

    You say you are targeting consultants and internal HR folks but after the first section the rest of the copy then goes on to talk only to the consultants. (e.g. becoming an Awesome Partner is tied up with business success). You might want to say a bit more about how the internal folks are supported. Or even just do a separate programme for them? Feels to me like they might have different needs.

    Fees – it took me a while to figure out whether they have to do a training course to be accepted on the programme. Is there also an interview process to get accepted? You say ‘no jerks’ but don’t say how you’re going to filter applicants.

    The annual fee might be a bit too cheap – sounds like there could be quite a big overhead for you in coaching and support? For marketing purposes you could price the fee higher but discount it in the first year if the priority is to attract people. You could also do a referral scheme to get people to share it.

    There’s a typo on ‘Partner Levels’ – point 3. Says ‘most’ instead of ‘must’.

    On ‘Support’: “We will feature all partners on our website and promote them as best we can.” How about something stronger like: ‘We’ll feature all partners on our website and shine a light of your work via our social channels.”

    Hope that’s helpful. This sounds like a fun project – good luck with it!

    Lou x

  3. I love it Alex! It is simple and clear and I understand the concept. I think the price is great and I love the fact that people all over the world will be able to benefit from more CHOs!
    I would love to share this with the ResponsiveOrg, ResponsiveLeaders and Culturevist communities as I think they will go nuts for it – is that okay?

  4. My understanding of the pricing model is that it costs 1000 per annum. If you attend (and pass) an Academy (1000 for partners) you become a certified partner. Is this correct?

    As one of the earlier commentors suggested, quality control could be an issue. Uncertified partners will be using your material without you knowing how they are using it. If this was eg McDonalds, the franchise taker would be expected to go through the training and have a clear idea of what is in the operating manual. Will you say no to potential partners if you do not already know them ( and encourage them to attend an academy at the first opportunity so that you can meet and evaluate them)?
    I can also see the merits of keeping it simple and keeping barriers to a minimum so as to maximise the viral effect.

    The pricing is very low in a corporate setting. A corporation could get one of their employees to become a partner and then use this peson to spread the message across the organisation (whoohoo!). Massive value for the corporation and a nice warm glow for you. OK they could also engage you to do the kick off with them and then carry on the good work themselves.
    CSR apart , it can be better to have a modest portion of the big pie rather than the whole pie…and in this case you multiply the messengers and get the message out to many many more people. The bigger the global team the more they will have the opportunity to challenge and inspire each other.

    Great initiative

  5. Alex,
    Simple and effective – sign me up!
    If it gives more people the chance of a woohoo experience, it’s well worth it!

  6. Alex –

    I think you are getting great advice from your other contributors. I believe the idea has merit, but quality and pricing will likely be your biggest challenges.

    You may wish to give yourself some built in flexibility. Perhaps offering this as introductory pricing for the first 2 years for the first two dozen partners, at which point you will have discovered a lot, and you will review the program going forward along the lines of quality, pricing, qualification, certification. It’s too early to establish all of that now, so these first partners will truly be partners in the sense that they will help you determine how best to deliver great value at a good price point for both you and them.

    Perhaps many who see this for the first time won’t know as much about you as we do. You may want to include a video montage of some of your talks as a way to both introduce Alex and Woohoo, and to get them excited.

    You may also want to lend some storytelling in the opening page … about someone who became a CHO, what challenges they were facing personally, professionally and organizationally, who Woohoo put them on a new path, and what the effects were. May even a video testimonial.

    Hope this helps! See you in June.

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