5 tips to stay happy at work even when you’re very busy

Yesterday we had our latest webinar – this one was on staying happy even when you’re busy at work. You can watch the whole thing here:

Get the slides right here.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments. And if you have ever tried being busy AND happy at the same time, please tell us what made that possible.

5 thoughts on “5 tips to stay happy at work even when you’re very busy”

  1. You were right that I didn’t attend the webinar because I felt too busy. I felt that almost half an hour wouldn’t be worth it, since I’ve been reading the tips from your blog for so long. But today, when I felt freer, I watched the full webinar and I think it was worth it. It’s never too much to remind oneself of these small, but very important tips. Hope to be able to implement those tips in the next weeks.

    One idea that came to mind was to have some kind of simple, but beautiful material with those tips that could be spread around the workplace or even at home (not all tips repeated in the same place, but only one in each place), maybe something that could be printed and sticked to the wall. Or an add-on that would display those tips on a line on the web browser, for web browser heavy-users. It could help us remind those important ideas in the daily routine.

  2. Dear Alexander,
    Thank you for your webinar, website, articles, positive energy, willingness to help us all, etc. I will be ordering your book tomorrow, but I still have questions. It’s possible they are answered in your book, though, but I will ask them anyway.
    What is the best way for me to determine what to do for a living?
    I have had a number of jobs: computer programmer (COBOL) for 18 years (at various companies), the coding testing & debugging was fun; the stress/deadlines made me physically sick. The market fell, and I became a secretary/admin. asst. – much more demoralizing and found not treated with same level of respect. What do I love to do? Work alone. Proofread, edit, fix grammar, write, graphics a little, and I would love to freelance, but I’m afraid. No security, benefits, guaranteed salary.
    I also love animals, but the work is physically demanding and I’m 57 and not as strong as I used to be, though I still walk dogs on the side.
    I’ve been lost for a while. I’ve read books, said prayers, but I’m afraid to launch myself as an independent. How do I start? I love to learn, I love to research, I love psychology, and I am extremely conscientious. I have always considered myself accountable for results. I don’t care about titles. I want to be economically self-sufficient, but I don’t need a lot of extras. The basics with a little extra here and there for simple fun.
    As a woman, I have noticed that men are instinctively more “driven to succeed” whereas woman are more instinctively wired for keeping the family together. (Whether that’s un-feminist or not, I really think it’s true.) My daughter is now grown & married, so that purpose is not there any longer for me.
    If I were to make up an imaginary dream job, I would read, proofread, edit, maybe do some graphics part-time, from home, with other part-time work to somehow be with dogs and horses. And maybe some research. It seems so very impractical, though.
    Sorry to be so long-winded! Are you snoring yet?
    Thanks so much,
    Kathleen (Kathy) Keane
    Long Island, New York

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