What makes you unhappy at work? Participate in our survey.

Normally our work is focused very much on the positive when we help our clients become happier workplaces. But it is equally important to know what makes us unhappy at work and do our best to eliminate these frustrations.

So we’ve set up a survey and want to know how often you have bad days at work and what makes them bad. The survey has 12 quick questions and should take 4-5 minutes to fill out.

We look forward to seeing and sharing the results.

6 thoughts on “What makes you unhappy at work? Participate in our survey.”

  1. what makes me unhappy at work? my first partner with my work is my immediate superior, if i dont get any motivation, i dont get being cooperated with my superior, he doesnt communicate with me, how would i feel then? questions arise i would think that she / he doesnt like to work with me, he doesnt trust me, what did i do wrong? and definitely you would feel unhappy at work… whom will i get the drive to work if you dont fit together…

  2. Dear Alexander,
    I have filled the survey in this newsletter.The subject is amazing.Thanks for it.I want to learn the results of this survey.When will you share the results?Best regards.

  3. I think of the main reasons why workers get unhappy at their work is because they are doing routines. There are no changes they works and it makes them feel boring and lethargic.

  4. Do you have an ETA for the results, Alexander?
    I posted a link to this article on LinkedIn and have had many requests to follow up when the results have been analyzed.

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