4 thoughts on “On overwork”

  1. Incompetent businesses and industries force otherwise competent people to work 80+ hr/wk all the time. Less about the worker and more about corporate culture.

  2. 80 hours is literally two people’s jobs. If you are forced to do the work of two people — even for a little while — it shows a structural failure. Either you have planned so poorly that you have fallen 100% behind on a project, or your company is asking way too much from a single person. I always say “An all-nighter is the final sign of multiple failures.”

    I think we’ve all had projects that required extra hours — a short, intense period leading up to a deadline, perhaps — but if that’s normal, it’s completely unhealthy. The people I admire don’t work 80 hours/week but instead have found balance and systems.

  3. Bullshit in the extreme. I used to get close to those hours because my boss fired everyone and I was literally the rat on the ship. So glad when I quit.

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