My 5 favorite speeches about freedom at work

Earlier this year I spoke at the WorldBlu Freedom at Work Summit in Miami. I’ve been to every single one of their events and they are the best and most inspiring business conferences I’ve ever been to.

I talked about being a rebel and saying no at work – because there is no freedom without the freedom to say no.

Now they’ve just released videos of several of the talks from this year’s event. They are all AWESOME – seriously, just go watch them all – but here are my 5 favorites.

Rich Sheridan on how to hire democratically:

Carrie Brandes on how to set bonuses democratically:

Garry Ridge, the CEO WD-40 gave this excellent talk:

Our good friend Steve Shapiro did actual magic on stage:

And of course the founder of WorldBlu, Traci Fenton, talked about freedom at work:

So I really encourage you to sign up for their next event which is in May 2016 in Miami. I will be there :)

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