5,000 people took our “is it time to quit” test. These are the results.

5000 took our test here are results

If you are not happy at work, we have a simple test you can take to see if it might be time to quit.

So far 5,000 people have taken the test and you can see the results above.

Please note that we can make no inferences about how happy or unhappy people are at work in general based on these results, because the people who take this test are clearly not a representative sample – they will skew strongly towards the unhappy.

You can take the test yourself here.

And remember: March 31 is International Quit Your Crappy Job Day.


One thought on “5,000 people took our “is it time to quit” test. These are the results.”

  1. I am sure about 90% audience in the 65% set to be on the edge. Psychology dictates that we subconsciously blacken out the ghosts in our minds. A couple of qualitative questions about the reasons for “considering to quit” and we will have a very strong sentiment about it.

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