Join the Woohoo Academy in Copenhagen or NYC


We have just announced the next two Woohoo Academies, which take place:

  • June 21-24 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • October 18-21 2016 in New York City, US

We have held 2 editions of the Woohoo Academy already, one in Copenhagen and one in Prague. It’s our 3-day intensive, in-depth training for anyone who wants to learn all about happiness at work.


Here’s what participants said about the training:

The Woohoo Academy was, without a doubt, the best training I have ever experienced (and I’ve participated in many trainings). It was very well organized, and provided the latest research, practical strategies and opportunities to engage in many meaningful experiential activities.

– Danielle, Canada

I have attended many motivational and leadership courses over the past 20 years and never came out with so much clarity as after this course. It was interesting with so many nationalities, experiences and angles to the same topic. The value vs time spend for me was immense as my entire organisation over 100 people will benefit directly.

– Monika, Czech Republic

My main reason for going to the course was to got a broader perspective on happiness at work. I wanted to learn more about the theory behind joy, people, work, meaning and succes in businesses. The course gave me a lot of confidence on this topic and I’m convinced that within a copple of years this will be a very important part of leading a business.

– Tamara, Netherlands

The training is for:

  • External consultants who want to build a business delivering happiness trainings to clients
  • HR staff, managers and internal facilitators who want to get the knowledge and tools to make their organization happier

For us, the Academy is a huge pleasure too. It lets us take a deep dive into many of the things we’ve learned about happiness at work over the years, which we find incredibly fascinating, but which we rarely get a chance to share because it goes into more depth than most of our clients need.

Read all about the Woohoo Academy and sign up here.

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