The 20 most common objections to happiness at work and why they’re wrong

It seems weird, but some people are against happiness at work.
Very serious pundits and cynics are coming out of the woodwork to declare that happiness at work is stupid, impossible, na´ve, silly, manipulative and/or bad for you.

They’re wrong and their criticisms often reveal a fundamental lack of understanding of the happiness research.

I was getting tired of slapping these curmudgeons down one by one, so here is ourácombined definitive smack-down of the 20 most common anti-workplace-happiness objections.

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4 thoughts on “The 20 most common objections to happiness at work and why they’re wrong”

  1. Brilliantly articulated.All your counter arguements presented a wonderful case for promoting Happiness at work.It is clear that those who attack the idea are ignorant of the research out there and regard Happiness as unattainable.There is a difficulty in getting focussed Happiness programmes incorporated into the workplace because of cynicism and a lack of understanding as to how it can impact upon productivity and profits.There is a sense that it is not serious enough, to justify investing in.There must be solid models that can be worked with, that have clear strategies for promoting and sustaining Happiness and that will reflect the wonderful benefits that the research outlines.If Happiness is only associated with smileys and personal wellbeing ,it will never generate the corporate revolution so desperately needed.

  2. LOVED your video on the top 20 objections to being happy @ work!

    Thanks for being a shining light that inspires so many from so far and keep it going! I am sharing your video with my whole team this morning and excited to see what ideas we can generate together.

    P.S. I wish I could attend your Copenhagen event but alas I am not able to make that happen financially (personally or through my company). Might there be any way that I could watch any of the sessions remotely (even if after the fact) please?

    Thanks again – you guys rock!

  3. Well, If happiness at work is not possible also happiness in life wouldn’t be possible, nor worth fighting for it … Very interesting reflections to understand some mental limits we have to overcome. Amazing how humanity is like in the middle ages about this subject, there is so much work to do!!!
    Congratulations Woohoo for these great contributions you post.

  4. Well, happiness, as well as joy, love and all the other emotions are part of ourselves. Is not that we can take them off and leave them at the entrance. Especially when we do what we love and consequently makes us happy. :-)

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