Coming to our conference? Introduce yourself!

Our first International Conference on Happiness at Work is only a week away. We currently have 200 participants coming from 17 countries and we can’t wait to meet all of you in Copenhagen.

We would love to know a little bit more about you, specifically:

  1. One thing that makes you happy at work
  2. Your most important question about happiness at work
  3. What you most hope to get out of the conference

Write a comment below and share your thoughts.


24 thoughts on “Coming to our conference? Introduce yourself!”

  1. 1. I feel happy at work when we, as a company, do something in order to make the world a better place.
    2. What can we do to make people around us happier?
    3. Learn more from experiences of other companies what we can do better to make our company a happier place.

  2. 1. A great friendly relationships with my colleagues.
    2. How to contribute to our colleagues happiness?
    3. I would like to learn more about experience from other amazing companies.

  3. 1- coming each morning to the office to find loving colleagues
    2- how can we create a strategy that will allow to relate happiness at work with employee engagement?
    3 – Ideas of things that can be implemented at my workplace

  4. The one thing that makes me the most happy at work, is when I witness the impact that our THRILL’ing spirit has on our visitors.
    The most important question I must seek an answer to is, how to figure out more everyday tools, to ensure that everybody remembers that moods are highly contagious, and that bad moods are unwanted.
    I hope to get a lot of energy, loads of inspiration and a tonne of new friends with a mission.

  5. 1.One thing that makes you happy at work
    * to educate people – I have developed my own course personal efficentcy
    * to work with smooth processes
    * to improve processes

    2.Your most important reflection about happiness at work:
    When things make sence (when I understand why I do a certain tasks), and when I put the right amount of time and energy and I reach my goal = success = happiness

    3.What you most hope to get out of the conference.
    Be inspired and to add value to my course: Personal efficiency. In general tips and tricks to motivate other people.

  6. 1) My colleagues :)
    2) How do we convince the sceptics that this is a worthwhile genuine persuit?
    3) Ideas to bring back to Leeds to spread a bit of happiness round the office

  7. 1. Realization of ideas that our colleagues share with us, in favour of making a better environment for all of us.
    2. How can we measure it?
    3. Answer to the question above :)

  8. 1. inspiring students and colleagues I work with
    2. how can I help others to find their own happiness factors in their work?
    3. new practices, (intervention) tools in order to increase happiness level in my workplace :)

  9. 1. giving on-boarding trainings to new colleagues
    2. how to convince middle and top management that happiness at work is not just a silly and frivolous matter?
    3. At least 1 idea to improve happiness for and with my team, that I can implement right when I return to work on May 22nd.

  10. 1. Making money to give to those who most need it.
    2. How can we benchmark our firm’s happiness against our competitors?
    3. Tools and knowledge in order to persuade senior management to invest in happiness.

  11. 1. The great view onto the lake of Zurich right over to the snow covered mountains, accompanied by the bubbly giggles of our two corporate beauty queens! ; )
    2. You probably can only make those employees happy that actually have a calling for the specific field the company’s in, right?
    3. How to make the right Elevator Pitch to become Chief Joy Officer! ; )

  12. 1. To witness people making progress in terms of personal development / change, especially when it comes to organisational culture and how colleagues work together.
    2. How do others (individuals and organisations) contribute to spreading happiness at work?
    3. Even more happiness and loads of inspiration

  13. Hey guys,

    I love how you improve participation with these questions!

    1. What makes me happy at work: achieving results with a group of colleagues. I work as a community manager so results often mean that people get to now each other, gain energy from an event or find a kind of connectedness to the company or to each other.

    2. My most pressing question is how i can best help others achieve happiness at work. How i can help people regain energy, find new sources of happiness in what they do, find courage to make changes or ask the right questions.

    3. I would have a great conference if I go home with ideas how I can best help my company, if I meet people with the same aspirations and/or feel more drive and focus to contribute to more happiness at work.

  14. 1. working with passionate people
    2. What is your most happiest meeting ever?
    3. Meeting inspiring people who want to share their happiest meeting with me + some new ideas for stimulating happiness in daily meetings

  15. 1) building relationships and interacting with inspiring people
    2) how can I help and inspire others to be happy at work?
    3) insights and inspiration to take action :)

  16. 1. Possibility to develop myself, to practice my skills and to share with others.
    2. How to spread Happiness at Work among other colleagues?
    3. Inspiration regarding current research, new techniques, etc.

  17. Tracy

    1) Working for a UK business that recognises the need to employees to be engaged and happy at work.
    2) How do I include both office based and out reach staff?
    3) What can I do that’s different and more effective than the run of the mill ‘dress down Friday’ approach and how do I turn this into the long term approach linked to my role?

  18. 1: Inspire others to do more of what makes them happy
    2: Please share some tips for working with a 100% remote team (both peers and employees)
    3: Inspiration for more work happiness, that I can learn from and share with others

  19. 1. Leaving the office feeling like I have really helped others do their job
    2. What do other people really believe makes them happy at work ?
    3. Ideas, Networking, Inspiration !

  20. 1. Good relationship and interaction with colleagues and managers while doing a meaningful job.
    2. How can I help myself and colleagues to achieve happiness at work and keep it going?
    3. Inspiration, useful tips and tools to use at work but also in my private life

  21. 1. Collaboration with talented and supportive colleagues.
    2. How to apply it in a serious and grounded way
    3. Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration.

  22. Hey :)

    1. When I feel I am a part of a team, and all are equal passionate about reaching the goals, and when I remember to take the time to have fun too. The best days are when I have laughed so hard my stomach hurts:)

    2.How can you actively work with getting the very ambitious ” ME ME ME” types to realize that a well done team effort is much more efficient than a personal goal quest? And results in much more happiness at work on a team scale.

    3. To be inspired and get new understanding in how “Happiness at work” can be tweaked and used in a broader scale, and hopefully loads of tips and tricks to easily implement at work.

  23. 1- What I appreciate at work is working on a cross functional project, meeting the people involved and share energy and ideas together to make the project successful with the whole team in a positive spirit : this is what makes me happy at work!
    2-how to convince top management that happiness at work is more than creating events and activities? How to explain that happiness should come from them and be implemented for the whole company and will bring positive results for the company and for the employees?
    3 – Expections : to be able to come back in my company with concrete tips and tricks to start implementing happiness and also to be able to work on a real plan to implement happiness plan in my firm.

  24. 1) Happiness at work for me is
    – a nice and trustworthy environment with all the people I work with, collegues and management
    – to find a meaning and improving

    2) For me, the most important question for happiness at work is ” how to make compagnies understand that a it’s really a win / win situation ! Happy employee give performance of your company”

    3) My best witch for this event is to have an international overview of this topics and success stories ! I also thrilled to meet people interested on the subject ! :-)


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