How to be an effective Chief Happiness Officer

Jonathan Mostert has written his business school thesis on Chief Happiness Officers and I got a chance to interview him about his research.

These are the questions we cover:

  • The question you looked at was ‘’How do chief happiness officer make sense of their profession?’’ What interested you about that question?
  • How many CHOs did you talk to? Who was your favorite example?
  • Some CHOs have it as a formal role, some just create it for themselves. How did that show up in your research?
  • What are some typical things CHOs do as part of their role? What was one of the best or most creative things you’ve seen a CHO do?
  • How do organizations typically react to a CHO?
  • What are some of the challenges of being a CHO?
  • What do organizations get out of having a CHO?
  • What makes a good CHO?

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